Our reason for being: holistic education

Education continues to be one of the Society’s top priorities. Inspired by Saint Ignatius, we firmly believe in education as a way to encourage and guide students in their growth and transformation as human beings.

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      Our project to transform education
  • We strive for holistic education

    The main aim of any Jesuit educational centre is to be a school focused on holistic education, seen as a path of learning to become a conscious, competent, compassionate and committed person.

    With evangelising spirit, we work to foster a way of being a person that promotes a model for society that addresses the values of solidarity and social justice.

    Creating schools means putting learning at the centre. First of all, the students’ learning, and to make this possible we must create the conditions in which all members of the educational community can learn. We cannot imagine an educational environment without the faculty’s involvement and desire to learn. This is why we value and need educators that are dedicated to their profession, committed and hopeful.

    We understand education to be the opportunity to experience a path towards the challenge of becoming a person, through lifelong learning. In this regard, being a Jesuit school means educating and living according to evangelical values and cultivating inner virtues and spirituality on which the Ignatian tradition is based, working on them from a place of personal freedom and experiencing them in a pluralistic setting with a sense of justice. We want to help build a better society that strives for the common good and is more humane and sensitive.

    We identify with and are committed to serving others to encourage personal transformation, providing guidance and stimulating defining moments. Thus, we are a school that can awaken life and vocational experiences.

    The Ignatian tradition points to the importance of teaching students the skills they need to seek personal happiness and balance, through profound freedom, based on deep, honourable convictions. This is why we believe that school is the right place to encourage critical listening skills, through internal life experience, which cultivates external life.

    Putting students at the centre starts with the conviction that education must be based on personalised attention, allowing them to acquire the flexibility needed to develop their deep convictions and charismas and values. In this regard, we believe it is essential for schools to have good communication skills, to be able to convey clear and transparent pedagogical models and messages to families so that we are all on the same page in terms of each student’s education.

    This humanistic education we believe in and work towards, which seeks out God in the world around us, integrates human experience and seeks to build permanent bridges with the world around us. We have learnt this attitude towards students from the Ignatian teaching style, which seeks to send students out into society to transform it. For them to become people to serve others, with others,putting their talents at the service of the common good.