Global network of Jesuit schools

The Society of Jesus has been involved in education since it was founded in the 16th century, with the aim of training balanced, responsible, competent and solidary people.

    • Our home is the world

      Global network: new frontiers and challenges in education

  • In education, our home is the world

    The Society of Jesus currently educates more than 3,000,000 students on every continent, with a wide variety of schools ranging from grand buildings to the shade of a tree in some countries.

    These schools are structured into networks (by country, continent, etc.) to create a global network of Jesuit schools. This allows us, the Jesuits, to say that in terms of education, and other areas, our home is the world.

    The Jesuit Education Foundation is part of this great network. It is a member of the EDUCSI (education sector for the new Spain Province) and participates actively in the various projects and challenges the sector poses.

    EDUCSI, in turn, is a member of the JECSE (Jesuit European Committee for Primary and Secondary Education), which coordinates all the schools in Europe. Finally, there is the ICAJE (International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education), which brings together the coordinators of the continental networks.

    The Jesuit Education Foundation is a very important, active part of this network, dreaming up and carrying out projects, which can bring greater visibility and wealth to the network that the Society needs today, without losing sight of our mission: faith and justice.