Jesuit Education, experience, transformation and innovation

We are a foundation inspired by St. Ignatius that strives and is committed to renewing our educational centres with the aim of providing holistic education.

    • The school we want: we can make it possible, together

      Our goal is to create a new school, together

  • A life path open to others

    "Jesuit Education" is a Foundation set up by the Tarragon Province of the Society of Jesus (Catalonia) to address the educational challenges facing our schools.

    By working together and creating a shared project, we aim to forge synergies and encourage lines of work that allow us to carry out our educational mission with quality and professionalism in the schools.

    It is becoming increasingly complex to manage our schools due to the demands of current regulations. We are surrounded by profound social change. In our own society, these include rapidly spreading secularism, new family structures and new educational challenges. These new situations require efforts to renew and adapt education that overwhelm individual centres and demand action on a broader scope.

    The Foundation now being promoted by the Tarragon Province with the collaboration of lay professionals aims to be a new emergence of creative spirit, pedagogical renewal and a tool to adapt the educational vision that led to the creation of the Ratio Studiorum, now detailed in the "Characteristics of a Jesuit Education" and the "Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm", to the current circumstances, places and times.

    Tarragon Province of the Society of Jesus believes the educational mission is the perfect response to the aforementioned challenges. And to consolidate this project, it has promoted the creation of the Jesuit Education Foundation, constituted by the Superior General as an apostolic work of the Society. Its founding goal is to go beyond mere organisational reform in educational centres and open up new perspectives, which will be established at all times by the Board of Trustees and coordination and management bodies.

    The mission to educate, as established in the Statues, shall be based on respect for the person and human rights that emanate from the gospel of Jesus, under the framework of the Catholic Church, inspired by the Ignatian charismata. Jesuits Casp, Jesuits El Clot, Jesuits Sarrià, Jesuits Lleida, Jesuits Bellvitge, Jesuits Poble Sec, Jesuits Sant Gervasi and Jesuits Gràcia are the 8 educational centres working together under the umbrella of Jesuit Education.

    Two other Foundations are also part of the project (Carles Blanch Foundation and La Salut Alta Foundation) both in Badalona, which work with children who are at risk of social exclusion.